Artists for Orphans Inc.

“All children are a blessing,
not all children are blessed.”

Roni Wildeboer, Founder

What makes Artists for Orphans Inc different?

We accountable. We personally travel to Vietnam to make sure our funds reach their intended target and don't move sideways into anyone else’s pockets. We pay nobody. We rely on volunteers who invest their hearts. We keep overheads low and the Rotary Club of Kyneton sponsor us and accept donations on our behalf. We are very proud of our little organisation.

What do we do?

Roni Wildeboer, Founder of Artists for Orphans Inc, is the wife of a Vietnam Veteran. She became aware that the consequences of the Vietnam War are still devastating both children and adults in Vietnam. Fourth generation babies are being born with horrific birth defects linked to the spraying of the herbicide Agent Orange during the war.

We supply medicines, medical equipment, clothes, educational supplies, food and toys. We have built a soccer field at a poor rural orphanage as well as supplied them with mattresses and furniture. We have provided a water filtration system for a mountain community suffering liver disease from the mountain water. We have built a number of playgrounds and are currently financing a building to house a kitchen at a Buddhist orphanage which has been cooking over open fires.

We also sponsor teenagers who have to leave the orphanages. We offer them a 'Teach Me To Fish' Sponsorship designed and managed by our Partner, Kids Without Borders in the USA. This allows them to learn a trade, learn life skills or even continue their education into university. Often when they leave their orphanage, they have nobody on the outside, are institutionalised and very vulnerable to sweat shops, sex trade and human trafficking.

We raise funds by way of our annual art auctions. We could not have done this without the generosity of artists.


The Rotary Club of Kyneton
RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service)
Kids Without Borders (USA)
Military Vehicle

Partners and friends:
Kids Without Borders, USA.
Hien Phan and Robert Costabile, Vietnam.
Military Vehicle, Australia

Kids Without Borders, USA. Is our partner and one of our beneficiaries. We meet up with their founder, Son Michael Pham in Vietnam each year to visit orphanages and discuss our options.

Robert Costabile, of Lanterns Restaurant in Nha Trang Robert uses this wonderful restaurant in Nha Trang to support many orphanages in the area. He and his devoted staff also feed the local poor. We are very proud to have Robert as our Artists for Orphans Inc Representative in Vietnam.

Khanh Vinh Orphanage, Nha Trang We have “adopted” this little rural orphanage in the mountains behind Nha Trang. In bureaucratic terms, they are now officially a beneficiary of Artists for Orphans Inc with the Department of Consumer Affairs. We know the kids here and just love them.

Go Vap Orphanage, Ho Chi Minh City. We provide the medicines for their Intensive Care Unit for newborn babies, have provided equipment for children with Cerebral Palsy, Installed air-conditioning units and TVs for the bedridden and terminally ill children and deliver educational supplies, clothes, toys etc.

Dr Coral Wynter is a volunteer with Artists for Orphans Inc. Dr Wynter is a Sydney Geneticist researching Agent Orange, in particular she is researching how to breakdown Agent Orange in the soil. Dr Wynter has just published the first half of her paper on this. We are very proud of her dedication to the Vietnamese people. Here is the link to the first half of her paper.

Our Patrons: Normie Rowe AM, Marcie Jones, Reg Mombassa, Denise Drysdale

Our Ambassador: Tiffany Speight of the Victorian Opera.

How we fundraise

Artists for Orphans Inc relies on the generosity of all genre of artist; singers, musicians, painters, potters, performers, bands, sculptors etc to help raise funds. You can help us help these children by fundraising or donating money, art or performances.

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Woodend, all donations to Artists for Orphans Inc are now tax deductible.

How to donate:

Please donate via this Rotary Link. Your donation will be tax deductible. We are very grateful to the Rotary Club of Woodend for their support.

Founder of AFO, Roni Wildeboer's 2014 Australia Day Award Acceptance Speech


Roni Wildeboer:
PHONE: 0424 938931 (Australia)
PO Box 369 KYNETON, VIC 3444